FGA’s Madeline Malisa on The Vicki McKenna Show: Wisconsin Ranked-Choice Voting Would Be a Disaster

Some legislators in Wisconsin are pushing legislation that would introduce ranked-choice voting into congressional elections. Put another way: Wisconsin legislators are pushing legislation that allows election officials to throw Wisconsinites’ ballots in the trash and allows partisans to rig elections


Make no mistake: Ranked-choice voting would be a disaster for Wisconsin, just as it has been a disaster for Alaska, California, New York City, and Maine.


Foundation for Government Accountability Senior Fellow Madeline Malisa went on The Vicki McKenna Show to discuss this new legislation and to encourage all states to abandon ranked-choice voting before it further damages trust in elections.


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From the Interview

“This [legislation] is extraordinarily bad in Wisconsin. In fact, if it passes, I would say the level of uncertainty and chaos in Wisconsin elections would really reach never-before-seen levels. I think Wisconsin lawmakers should do exactly the opposite of this bill—which is ban ranked-choice voting and other alternative voting scams. And in the last two years alone, five states have done so.”

“In every ranked-choice voting election, ballots are actually thrown in the trash…that is the design of how this works…this is a system that has been designed by Democrats to elect Democrats. And it does that very effectively.”

“The Democrats realize this system is working for them, and they’re pushing it everywhere…and Republicans, unfortunately, have gotten swindled into thinking, ‘hey, this could be a good idea. This could be a bipartisan issue.’ It’s not. It’s a Trojan Horse.”