OSP partners with the Center for Excellence in Polling to conduct market research and messaging analysis to inform policymakers and the public about voters’ opinions, attitudes, and concerns on critical public policy isues.

Our polling types include:

Tracking Polls

Tracking polls follow trends in public sentiment on national issues over time.

State-Specific Opinion Polls

State-specific opinion polls inform our partners in the states where voter support lies on specific state-level policy reforms.

Brushfire Polls

Brushfire polls help us prepare our allies to talk about complicated issues in ways that are proven to resonate with voters.

Benchmark Polls

Benchmark polls gauge support for policies and reforms more broadly to help determine whether they are popular.

Focus Groups

The Center for Excellence in Polling conducts focus groups to foster unbiased conversations with groups of voters to learn about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes toward policy issues.

Our success has been fueled by our passion for excellence and powerful polling data that continues to be at the heart of every message we focus on.