The purpose of this page is to track the progress of the Stronger Workforce Legislative Initiative in Wisconsin, including any gubernatorial vetoes of bills that have been approved by the state legislature.

This package of bills will not only help Wisconsin’s economy rebound from the impacts of the pandemic, it will also launch the Badger State into a prosperous future where families and businesses thrive.

These reforms focus on eliminating barriers to work, rooting out fraud in abuse in publicly funded programs, and helping people reenter the workforce:

Indexing UI Benefits to Unemployment Rate (Assembly Bill 937): Vetoed by Gov. Tony Evers

“Ghosting” Employers by Skipping a Job Interview (Assembly Bill 939): Vetoed by Gov. Tony Evers

FoodShare Work Requirement (Assembly Bill 935): Vetoed by Gov. Tony Evers

Creating the “Reemployment Assistance” Program (Assembly Bill 883): Vetoed by Gov. Tony Evers

Refusing Work to Remain on Medical Assistance (Assembly Bill 936): Vetoed by Gov. Tony Evers

Conducting Regular Eligibility Checks (Assembly Bill 934): Vetoed by Gov. Tony Evers

Unemployment System Tune Up (Assembly Bill 938): Vetoed by Gov. Tony Evers