Nicholas Horton

Nicholas Horton is a visiting fellow at the Opportunity Solutions Project.

Nic’s portfolio of research has focused on Medicaid expansion and welfare reform, including two groundbreaking reports that analyzed the impact of work requirements on welfare enrollees, finding massive increases in incomes. He is also the co-author of two first-of-their-kind studies on Medicaid expansion enrollment that garnered attention from numerous national media outlets.

Nic has provided policy analysis, legislative testimony, and policy briefings on Medicaid expansion and welfare reform in 19 states and D.C., ranging from Maine to Montana. His work regularly appears in Forbes, The Hill, and National Review Online, and he is a frequent guest on talk radio across the country.

Prior to his current work Nic worked as a reporter and policy analyst for a free-market think tank in Little Rock, Arkansas, focusing on health care policy, tax policy, and government transparency. Nicholas lives in central Arkansas with his wife and son. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and a Master of Business Administration from Harding University.