Dean Clancy

Dean Clancy is a nationally recognized expert on U.S. health care and fiscal policy and a passionate advocate for what he calls “renewing the promise of American life” through local activism and bottom-up reform.

Boasting more than 20 years of high-level experience, including stints as a senior policy official in the White House, Congress, and the American health care industry, Clancy brings a broad array of knowledge and experience to his work as a director of Opportunity Solutions Project.

Clancy currently serves as senior health policy fellow at Americans for Prosperity, a grassroots advocacy organization that recruits and unites concerned citizens across the country to advance policies that will help people improve their lives.

From 2004 to 2006, Clancy was the top White House budget official on health care and entitlement issues, with a portfolio encompassing half the federal budget in dollar terms. His private sector experience includes highly successful tours at medical-device maker Kinetic Concepts Inc. (a division of Acelity) and national grassroots-advocacy group FreedomWorks.

A busy activist, interviewee, public speaker, opinion writer, and health care reformer, in 2018 Clancy founded the national advocacy group HSAs for All, whose mission is to give every American access to affordable, high-quality health care by giving every American access to a tax-free Health Savings Account.

Clancy’s long list of accomplishments includes helping shepherd the historic Welfare Reform Act of 1996 into law and originating the White House “Agency PAYGO” rule that has quietly saved taxpayers billions.

A Hawaii native and proud son of Colorado, he resides these days in sunny Sarasota, Florida, with his wife of three decades. The couple have four grown children.