Voters Show Support for Welfare Reforms in North Carolina

Results from a recent statewide poll indicate that a majority of North Carolina voters are in favor of welfare reform. According to the poll results, voters have particularly high support for five specific measures that include work requirements and financial asset testing, among other measures that would aim to prevent fraud and preserve limited resources for truly needy North Carolina citizens.

The poll, conducted by Opportunity Solutions Project, targeted likely voters of all political affiliations, but the results are clear: the majority of voters, regardless of political party affiliation, want welfare reform.

When asked if they support checking the eligibility of individuals receiving welfare more frequently and with better technology, 88 percent of all voters said they would support the measure, and 86 percent said they are in favor of financial asset tests for individuals who apply for welfare in order to prevent fraud and abuse of the system. 78 percent of all voters would like to see restrictions set on EBT use at locations of luxury rather than necessity.

The poll results revealed similar results when voters were asked about measures regarding food aid: 83 percent of all voters support work requirements for able-bodied adults without children in order to receive taxpayer funded food stamps, while 69 percent are in favor of returning income levels for welfare eligibility back to traditional federal standards.

According to Tarren Bragdon, Opportunity Solutions Project CEO, the poll results offer clear insight into the will of North Carolina voters that the state’s leaders cannot ignore.

“The people of North Carolina have spoken, and it’s clear that they want accountability restored to a broken welfare system. This is a state that has been plagued by welfare fraud, and it has hurt those who need aid the most,” Bragdon said. “North Carolina policymakers must work to enact welfare reforms that will restore prosperity and protect valuable resources for those who truly need it.”

The full poll results can be viewed here.