Voters in New Hampshire Show Support for Welfare Reform

A majority of voters in New Hampshire want welfare reform, according to results from a recent poll. The poll revealed that the majority of New Hampshire voters are in favor of five key welfare reform measures, particularly those that involve preventing welfare fraud in order to preserve resources for truly needy individuals in the state.

The poll, conducted by Opportunity Solutions Project, indicated that New Hampshire voters of all major political affiliations are in favor of reforms that increase vigilance of welfare-eligibility testing in order to prevent fraud and to ensure that welfare benefits are being treated with fiscal and moral responsibility. In fact, 84 percent of all voters support checking the eligibility of welfare-recipients more frequently to reduce fraud, and 87 percent of all voters support restricting the use of benefits at places of luxury and vice.

The poll also revealed that 84 percent of New Hampshire voters are in favor of enacting work-requirements for able-bodied, working age, childless adults to receive welfare benefits, and 81 percent of voters support using asset tests to ensure that valuable resources are saved for truly vulnerable individuals.

“The results of this poll cannot be ignored by New Hampshire’s elected officials. The majority of voters are demanding accountability and responsibility of a broken welfare system,” said Tarren Bradgon, Opportunity Solutions Project CEO. “The welfare trap in New Hampshire is hurting those it was intended to serve – the disabled and the truly vulnerable. It’s time that these people were put first.”

The full results of the poll can be viewed here.