Naples, FL — Today, House Bill 1300 passed out of the State Government Committee, paving the way forward for commonsense election reform in Pennsylvania.

The omnibus legislation, introduced by Representative Seth Grove, includes changes that make it easier to vote and harder to cheat in the Keystone State. The proposed legislation amends Pennsylvania’s Election Code to ensure a more secure, fair, and transparent election process.

The bill would establish a bureau of election audits, increases access to voter rolls, strengthen the security of mail-in ballots and drop boxes, prohibit ballot harvesting, and create enhanced penalties for election officials who violate the law. The bill also increases transparency by requiring the Secretary of the Commonwealth to distribute private donations for election administration equally based on census data.

“It’s time for Governor Wolf to recognize what state legislators already have–Pennsylvania needs election reform,” said Madeline Malisa, Visiting Fellow. “This bill presents an opportunity for policymakers to work across the aisle on a solution for the future that will restore integrity to Pennsylvania’s election process.”


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