OSP Applauds the Passage of the 2018 House Farm Bill

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Washington, D.C. – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives delivered historic welfare reform with the successful passage of the 2018 House Farm Bill. The Opportunity Solutions Project (OSP) commends lawmakers for their commitment to commonsense reforms that will move millions of Americans out of dependency.

With nearly seven million open jobs across the nation and a near record-low unemployment rate, now is the time to implement these desperately-needed reforms. The Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 will expand proven work requirements to more able-bodied adults on food stamps and will move millions of Americans off the sidelines and back to work. The bill also closes loopholes that have been abused by states and takes measures to ensure that resources are being preserved for the truly needy.

“Today, lawmakers within the House of Representatives gave millions of Americans the opportunity to experience power and dignity of work. The House Farm Bill will move millions of Americans from welfare to work, and the commonsense reforms within the bill will ensure that resources are preserved for the truly needy, not able-bodied adults” said Tarren Bradgon, CEO and President of FGA. “This is a historic moment for millions of Americans, and lawmakers in the House should be commended for their commitment to proven, work-oriented reforms that are supported by American voters across the nation.”

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