Ohio Voters Ready for Welfare Reform


Voters in Ohio are in favor of welfare reform, the results of a recent poll confirm. The poll, conducted by Opportunity Solutions Project, indicates that a majority of voters in Ohio support key welfare reform measures that would reduce government dependency and preserve valuable resources for the truly needy.

The poll found broad political support for five key reform measures, including freezing ObamaCare Medicaid expansion, reducing welfare dependency, fighting welfare fraud, preserving resources for the truly needy, and breaking barriers to work.

According to Tarren Bragdon, Opportunity Solutions Project CEO, the results of this poll send a clear message to Ohio lawmakers.

“The welfare system has hurt the people it was intended to help and  has kept others dependent on government aid—and the citizens of Ohio have had enough. Common-sense reforms would allow individuals and families to escape dependency, while also protecting valuable resources for the truly needy. Ohio lawmakers would do well to listen to their constituents and work to enact these desperately-needed reforms,” Bradgon said.

The will of Ohioans has been reflected at the Ohio Statehouse in recent months. In July, Ohio enacted a law that requires all able-bodied adult Medicaid recipients to work, train, or volunteer in order to receive welfare benefits. The Ohio Legislature passed legislation to freeze ObamaCare Medicaid expansion in the state and is currently reviewing legislation that aims to prevent welfare fraud.

“While progress is being made,” Bragdon continued, “there is still more work to be done.”

The full results of the poll can be viewed here.