Medicaid Expansion Will Do More Harm than Good in Kansas

Naples, FL — After a Kansas Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare hearing considering the state’s proposed Mediciaid expansion, Opportunity Solutions Project (OSP) released the following statement:

“Expansion threatens to push an already stretched Medicaid program beyond its limits. Although it’s being hailed as a silver bullet for the hospital funding crisis, in reality, Kansas’s proposed Medicaid expansion is anything but,” said Nicholas Horton, senior research fellow at OSP. “Evidence shows that Medicaid expansion shifts individuals off of private insurance and onto Medicaid. And by looking to neighboring states that have already expanded Medicaid, we can see that hospitals fare no better in expansion states—in fact, these states have more hospitals at risk of closure than Kansas, thanks to skyrocketing operating losses for treating Medicaid patients.”


Opportunity Solutions Project is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization that seeks to improve lives by advocating for public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, individual liberty, and a limited, accountable government.