Kentucky Voters Overwhelmingly Support Welfare Reforms

A majority of Kentucky voters support welfare reform measures, according to results from a recent poll. The poll, conducted by Opportunity Solutions Project, revealed that over 75 percent of all voters are in favor of work requirements for food stamps, enhanced eligibility requirements, and financial asset tests.

When asked whether they support enacting work requirements in order for childless, able-bodied adults to receive taxpayer funded food stamps, 77 percent of all Kentucky voters said they supported the measure.

The poll concluded that 76 percent of all voters support more frequent eligibility checks for welfare applicants, and 78 percent support checking the financial assets of welfare applicants in order to prevent fraud and preserve limited resources for the truly needy.

“This poll revealed that voters – regardless of political party – do not want a broken welfare system. They want a system that preserves resources for their neighbors who are truly in need, not for millionaires who are abusing the system,” said Tarren Bragdon, Opportunity Solutions Project CEO. “It’s time that Kentucky’s leaders give their voters what they want by passing responsible welfare reforms and empowering their constituents.”

The full report of poll findings can be viewed here.