How Will the Left ‘Not Allow a Crisis Go to Waste’ Next?

Why have the Democrats in Congress decided to punish small businesses?

Make no mistake, that is exactly what Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the congressional Democrats are doing in their latest politically tone-deaf move by denying funding for the small business loan program. As of last week, the program officially ran out of money, leaving millions of small business owners and their employees wondering how they’ll survive the government-mandated lockdowns.

It makes you wonder why Speaker Pelosi and her colleagues would possibly risk being so out of touch with the needs of our country’s small businesses—despite small businesses being the driver of the American economy. Well, the answers are right there in the left’s playbook: following the advice to “never allow a crisis to go to waste.” Many in Congress seem to have decided that this is an opportunity to take advantage of the fear, uncertainty, and chaos by advancing one of their chief policy objectives—turning America into a welfare state.