Voters in Eight New Hampshire Towns Support Welfare Reform

The results of recent polls have concluded that voters in eight New Hampshire towns overwhelmingly support welfare reform. Voters in the towns polled, which include Manchester, Nashua, and Salem, among others, voiced support for welfare reforms currently being considered in the New Hampshire legislature. The polls, conducted by Opportunity Solutions Project, concluded that voters in … Continued

Voters in New Hampshire Show Support for Welfare Reform

A majority of voters in New Hampshire want welfare reform, according to results from a recent poll. The poll revealed that the majority of New Hampshire voters are in favor of five key welfare reform measures, particularly those that involve preventing welfare fraud in order to preserve resources for truly needy individuals in the state. … Continued

West Virginia Voters Want Welfare Reform

Voters in West Virginia are ready for welfare reforms, according to results from a recent poll. The poll revealed that the majority of West Virginia voters, regardless of political affiliation, support five key welfare reform measures that would prevent welfare fraud and would preserve valuable resources for the truly needy. The results of the poll, … Continued

Voters Show Support for Welfare Reforms in North Carolina

Results from a recent statewide poll indicate that a majority of North Carolina voters are in favor of welfare reform. According to the poll results, voters have particularly high support for five specific measures that include work requirements and financial asset testing, among other measures that would aim to prevent fraud and preserve limited resources … Continued

Kentucky Voters Overwhelmingly Support Welfare Reforms

A majority of Kentucky voters support welfare reform measures, according to results from a recent poll. The poll, conducted by Opportunity Solutions Project, revealed that over 75 percent of all voters are in favor of work requirements for food stamps, enhanced eligibility requirements, and financial asset tests. When asked whether they support enacting work requirements … Continued

Gov. Walker Expands ObamaCare’s Broken Promises in Defiance of Legislature

Gov. Bill Walker tried to drive ObamaCare‚Äôs Medicaid expansion through the Legislature earlier this year, but his expansion bill died in the House and the Legislature passed a budget that prohibited the governor from acting unilaterally to expand Medicaid. In spite of agreeing to hold off until 2016 to renew the ObamaCare expansion debate, Walker … Continued