Legislator Workshop Call: How to Push, Pass, and Implement Your Welfare Reform Bill

Recorded on February 19, 2016 Audio Transcript Tarren Bragdon: Hello. I’m Tarren Bragdon, CEO of Opportunity Solutions Project. OSP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization bringing together citizens and thought leaders across America to identify proven state-level reforms, and then we promote them to voters, members of the media, as well as state policy makers. … Continued

Prepared Statement on Kansas Senate Bill 372

Prepared  Statement on Kansas Senate Bill 372 Tarren  Bragdon and Josh  Archambault     Submitted to the Kansas Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee Monday, February 1, 2016  Chairperson Pilcher-Cook and Vice-Chairperson Bowers, thank you for the opportunity to submit testimony on Senate Bill 372, the Kansas HOPE Act of 2016.  OSP is a nonprofit,nonpartisan advocacy organization that … Continued

Reasons to Reject Senate Bill 828

MEMORANDUM TO: Members of the Arkansas General Assembly FROM: Jonathan Ingram and Nic Horton, Opportunity Solutions Project DATE: March 25, 2015 RE: Reasons to reject Senate Bill 828 Senator David Sanders recently filed Senate Bill 828, co-sponsored by Representative Charlie Collins, Senator Jason Rapert, and Senator Jim Hendren. This bill would give state bureaucrats far-reaching authority to implement ObamaCare … Continued

Senate Bill 405, the Montana Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership Act

MEMORANDUM TO: Members of the Montana Legislature FROM: Nic Horton and Jonathan Ingram, Opportunity Solutions Project DATE: March 18, 2015 RE: Senate Bill 405, the Montana Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership Act This week, Senator Ed Buttrey filed Senate Bill 405, otherwise known as the “Montana Health and Economic  Livelihood  Partnership  Act”  (HELP  Act). Supporters have billed this plan … Continued