Medicaid Expansion is Bad For North Carolina

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North Carolina Should Look Before it Leaps on Medicaid Expansion

For 10 years, advocates for expanding Medicaid to cover able-bodied adults have told North Carolinians to just look around the country. When so many other states have taken the plunge, there’s no need to guess what’s around the corner.  

They’re right. North Carolina should look before it leaps.

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Expanding Medicaid Kicks Thousands Off Private Insurance And Costs Lives

One of those bad decisions could be expanding Medicaid, which threatens to kick nearly 160,000 North Carolinians off their private insurance and onto taxpayer-funded Medicaid. Thirty-nine states have already expanded Medicaid under Obamacare, with similar effects.

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MYTH: Medicaid expansion is the only way to expand coverage for low-income North Carolinians.

FACT: This outdated talking point hasn’t kept up with reality.

Under recent federal legislation, low-income North Carolinians who work part-time get federally funded, silver-level private plans for free. But that coverage will end if North Carolina expands Medicaid and shifts them into state-funded government health care. Only non-expansion states can take advantage of this federal subsidy.


The percentage of able-bodied Medicaid enrollees who don’t work at all.


Expansion states enroll more than twice as many individuals as projected.

The number of low-income North Carolinians who will be shifted from their free, federally funded private insurance plans into government health care.