Don’t leave rural workers out of the employment renaissance

With its proposed food stamp work requirement rule, USDA has an opportunity to crack down on fraud and abuse while moving millions from welfare to work — but to fully leverage this opportunity, it needs to amend the proposed rule to make sure government treats rural areas fairly. Under the proposed rule, states could use … Continued

Oklahomans deserve better than Medicaid expansion

A bill moving through the Oklahoma Legislature has been touted by some as a new plan to “rebalance” Medicaid and find a conservative alternative to Medicaid expansion. In reality, Senate Bill 605 adopts Medicaid expansion under a pseudonym and shifts existing federal burdens onto Oklahoma taxpayers. The proposal expands Medicaid eligibility to the entire Obamacare … Continued

Trump can move 2 million people back to work — here’s how

With near record low unemployment and more than 7 million available jobs nationwide, there has never been a better time for reforms that move individuals from welfare to work, and the Trump administration knows it. In December, the Department of Agriculture issued a proposed rule aimed at cracking down on states’ ability to waive work … Continued

Can Democrats Get GOP Votes To Kill Affordable Health Insurance Choices?

In October, every Democrat in the U.S. Senate voted to strip more affordable insurance options from millions of Americans. Senate Joint Resolution 63 — introduced by Senator Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc. — would outlaw the affordable, short-term health insurance plans that hit the market earlier that month. In August, the Trump administration finalized a rule to strengthen short-term plans by allowing individuals to keep them for … Continued

2018 voters need no Beltway gossip, they want to focus on work

Far outside the Beltway, away from the ever-changing media cycle and circus, voters are less worried about what happened on Twitter and more worried about issues that impact them. It’s these issues — opportunities to work, access to affordable healthcare, and concern about the growing welfare state — that lawmakers should prioritize come November. For … Continued

Democratic politicians don’t realize how badly their constituents want welfare reform

About 82 percent of all likely voters, including an overwhelming 71 percent of Democrats, support requiring able-bodied adults to work in exchange for staying on food stamps. Yet last month, Democrats in the House of Representatives unanimously voted against the farm bill and the proven reforms it contained — including work requirements. Despite claiming to … Continued